Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by! I am Jona (pronounced "John-uh") Giammalva and I am a sewing pattern designer, author, and lover of all things colorful and creative. My passions are sewing, home improvement, and my family (not necessarily in that order but there are days...).

I started my blog in 2007 with a goal to share sewing skills and ideas, news of the fabric industry, and anything else that struck my fancy (usually our never ending home improvement projects). I've been published in a variety of sewing and quilting magazines as well as books, including my own book The Essential A-Line which was published in 2013 by Stash (and imprint of C&T Publishing).

Over the years I've enjoyed having an online fabric store as well as selling a variety of hand crafted things on ebay and etsy. In 2017 I followed my dream of teaching sewing to younger generations and started a sewing school (Home Economics is sadly not taught in schools anymore). Most days you can find me in my Gilbert, Arizona home sewing studio where I do my teaching and design work.

Feel free to ask questions or drop me a note (I love it!). I hope you enjoy my blog!